How It Works

For business owners, the individual BarterCo Health card account can be filled with barter dollars either on a one-time basis or recurring over time. The employer then pays the cash fee for the card like a gift card. Employees will have their own private account and login information. The Barter Company’s trade coordinators can help you purchase the health cards or customize a program for your employees.

For employees receiving the BarterCo Health card, it acts like a prepaid card that is redeemable at select health care providers in the barter network. These providers include vision, dental, health, and chiropractic care, fitness and weight management centers, supplements, and many other types of healthcare. To use the card, employees will contact the provider to make an appointment and identify themselves as using the BarterCo Health card. Some providers may have minimal restrictions on available services. Employees should login ahead of their appointment to see the balance available on the card. If the service provided costs more than the card balance, the employee will be responsible for the balance at the time of service.

For providers, the BarterCo Health card allows you to grow your practice and introduce your services to new patients as well as filling empty appointment times. And, since the BarterCo Health card is prepaid, payment is made at the time of service. There is no added paperwork or forms to complete. As a participating provider of BarterCo Health, you have access to the entire trade network of The Barter Company with more than 2,500 clients throughout the Metro Atlanta area and across the Southeast.

For more information, contact The Barter Company at (770) 591-4343 or email

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Here’s a short video to explain how barter works in general.