What is BarterCo Health?

BarterCo Health is a new product for business owners to provide access to health care providers through an independent employee account. The healthcare companies available through BarterCo Health are part of the trade exchange network managed by The Barter Company.


Is BarterCo Health Insurance?

No. BarterCo Health is not an insurance product or policy offering or guarantee of health care coverage. 


What does it cost to enroll in a BarterCo Health account?

For current The Barter Company clients, there is no additional fee for enrolling in this new program. The same cash transaction fees apply when purchasing BarterCo Health cards.


What medical providers accept the BarterCo Health card?

We have a number of different providers in our network and are growing every day! To see a list, click here.


What if I am in need of a medical service that is not currently listed on the provider list?

In the event that you are in need of a service not currently provided by BarterCo Health, we have a team of highly trained professionals who will seek out what you need. Call our office at (770) 591-4343 and speak to a BarterCo Health representative today.


What if the service I need costs more than the amount in my BarterCo Health account?

To check your account balance at any time, simply login to our secure site at https://www.bartercohealth.com. You are only authorized to spend the amount currently reflected on your BarterCo Health account. Your employer may add funds to your account at their discretion. In the event that you don’t have enough to cover a purchase, you will be responsible for paying the remaining balances due in cash.


How do I enroll my medical practice in the BarterCo Health program?

If you are currently a client of The Barter Company, you can begin accepting BarterCo Health clients immediately. For health care providers who are not currently a client of The Barter Company, call (770) 591-4343 and a Trade Coordinator will assist you in getting started!


How do I enroll in BarterCo Health?

Contact your Trade Coordinator and they will assist you in the quick enrollment process. We’ll have you saving money on healthcare in no time!