Are you Showing your Employees Some Love?

February has long been known as the month of love and this year was no exception – Valentine’s Day 2018 was projected to have had nearly $20 billion dollars in spending. With all the thoughts of “love” in the air, are you showing your employees enough appreciation? Do they know how important they are to your business? An excellent way to show some love is through an employee rewards program. This can be as simple or as extravagant as it needs to be to fit your organization’s needs.

Here are a few ideas to love:

  • Offer incentive programs and get synergy going! If rewarded properly, your employees will spread the common motivation throughout the office and create an upbeat environment fitting for success.  Create an incentives program that is straightforward and achievable.
  • Offer Healthcare benefits to show your staff you care about their health and wellness. On a budget or strapped for the cash to do so? Consider BarterCoHealth as an alternative healthcare program which gives them access to a number of providers in the Metro Atlanta area all while helping you avoid the high cash premiums of traditional healthcare. To learn more, visit or call (770) 591-4343.
  • Have fun with it and be creative. Competitions can be fun for employees who know each other and interact on a regular basis. Just don’t get too carried away. You want to make sure your employees will use it and not be put off by too many rules or a lengthy process.
  • Offer desirable rewards that your employees will want to talk about and share what they received with their friends and family members — your future customers. If potential customers hear about the “love” you show your staff, they may be more inclined to support your business. After all, love does make the world go ’round.
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Finally, a New Way to Offer Employees Health Services Without Breaking the Bank

When it comes to the debate over health insurance, one thing is for certain: the current system is terrible for small business. As it is now, small businesses usually have the hardest time getting insurance, the smallest choice among providers, and pay the most for the least coverage.

Here at The Barter Company, we are proud to offer a new program to clients called BarterCoHealth which gives them access to medical services on trade. Simply put, our clients earn barter dollars when offering their products and/or services to the barter membership and in return, they have access to a wide array of medical services and can provide employees with these services by opening up a BarterCo Health card. This card is then used when visiting at the medical offices in lieu of cash.

Some of our medical service providers include:

Allergy Testing




Life & Business Coaching

Fitness Centers

Laser Hair Removal


Medical Day Spa

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Supplements


Oral Surgeons


Pediatric Care


Quit Smoking Programs

Skin Care Services

Teeth Whitening


To learn more about our program, click here or call (770) 591-4343 and start saving money today!

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The No. 1 Benefit Your Employees Want

(Article courtesy of Small Business Trends –

With healthcare making headlines as politicians debate what to do about the Affordable Care Act, it may come as no surprise that the number-one employee benefit your employees want is health insurance.

Top Benefit Your Employees Want

Indeed, 87 percent of employees surveyed in a study by the Employee Benefits Research Institute say employment-based health insurance is either very or extremely important when they are debating whether to take a new job or stay in their current position.

Offering employee benefits is critical to job satisfaction and worker morale. According to the study, almost six in 10 workers (59 percent) who are extremely satisfied with their benefits are also extremely satisfied with their jobs. And if your small business hopes to compete with bigger companies in attracting and retaining workers, benefits are a big part of the package.

Not only do employees appreciate the benefits they receive, but they also like not having to do the legwork to find and purchase benefits on their own. Just 20 percent of employees in the survey would rather get money from their employer to purchase their own benefits.

But offering benefits can be expensive. For example, a whopping 92 percent of employers in the EBRI survey say they pay all or part of the premiums for their employees’ health insurance.

One way to get your money’s worth when it comes to benefits is to make sure your employees truly understand the value of the benefits your business offers. Here are four things you can do to ensure your employees appreciate what they’re getting.

Provide Benefits Education and Assistance

Handing your employees folders about their benefits choices and leaving them on their own to figure it out won’t cut it anymore. Nearly one-third of employees in the survey say they don’t fully understand their benefits or don’t feel qualified to make informed decisions about them. Start by having someone from the benefits provider explain all the options to your staff in person. Also ask what type of one-on-one or online assistance is available to employees going forward. Nearly six in 10 employees in the survey say they would like to be able to get benefits advice, either online or through a third-party advisor.

Make It Simple To Sign Up

Employees are more likely to choose benefits coverage when it’s easy to sign up. More than half of employees in the survey say they would prefer to enroll in benefits online, not by filling out paper forms.

Don’t Be Shy

You might be going out of your way to provide employees with a benefits plan that offers lots of choices, or to contribute some or all of their premium costs. Your employees may think that’s just standard behavior. Toot your own horn and let your team know what elements of your plan are outstanding. Here are some things employees care about that you can emphasize:

  • Do you offer your employees a choice of health plans? Eighty percent of employees in the survey say that’s important.
  • Do you provide voluntary benefits, such as life insurance or disability insurance? More than 80 percent of employees surveyed consider that a huge plus.
  • Are any of your benefits portable (such as retirement plans)? Employees appreciate that, too.
  • Do your benefits save employees time and money? For example, paying healthcare premiums with pretax dollars through payroll deductions is less costly for employees than buying them in the open market. If voluntary benefits are offered at a discount, make sure employees know they’re getting a deal.

Be Upfront

Keeping benefits costs steady without sacrificing coverage is difficult (just ask my business partner, who dreads renewing our health insurance every October). If you have to make changes to keep costs down — or if you have to ask employees to pay a larger share of the premium to maintain the same level of coverage — explain that to your team. Employees know costs are rising (43 percent are concerned their benefits package will get worse in the next few years) and they’ll appreciate that you’re trying to maintain quality coverage for them.

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Keeping Employees Healthy Helps Keep Businesses Healthy

Large diverse group of hospital doctors, surgeons, and nurses

The New Year is here with new resolutions for a better 2017. For many, that means a resolution to be healthier and business owners are smart to help their employees with this goal. Studies have shown that healthy employees are, in general, happier and more productive at work (Source: Business News Daily 2013).

In the past, providing such benefits has become nearly impossible for small to mid-sized business owners. Now, there is a solution. The Barter Company is offering a new product to its clients called BarterCo Health. The BarterCo Health card is purchased by business owners using barter dollars instead of cash. The card can then be offered to the company’s employees as a health benefit.

From allergy testing to yoga, The Barter Company’s BarterCo Health program offers a wide variety of health care options for business owners to offer their employees. Healthier employees mean a healthier business with fewer sick days and increased productivity as well as increased retention among employees.

Here are some other tips for a healthier company in 2017:

  • Stock the break room with health snack alternatives and water. Healthy snacks not only help with weight control but they can increase an employees’ intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Encourage your sedentary employees to take stretch and walk breaks. A good stretch, breath of fresh air, and a walk around the block can do wonders for energy and productivity.
  • Offer incentives to those employees who want to lose weight, including health club memberships or a financial reward to those who meet their weight-loss goals.

Most of all, be supportive of employees who want to get or stay healthy. In the long run, it benefits your business as well as the individual.

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How to Offer Health Benefits to Employees Without Spending Cash

Many business owners are finding themselves unable to continue to offer health benefits to employees. Some may even be looking to stipend employees versus offer a company-wide plan. Well, here at TBC we have the perfect answer for business owners who want to offer these benefits to their valued employees, but want to save cash in the meantime – BARTER! Through their barter accounts, our clients offer “subaccounts” to employees so they have access to necessary health services while still being provided the privacy of their own account. We have many clients  in the healthcare industry that barter their services so that everyone wins. And we are growing everyday!

Here are some of the types of medical we offer:


Oral surgery


General medicine

Women’s health

Holistic practice


Mental health

Fitness and nutritional programs

Internal medicine

Allergy testing

Hypnotherapy, Reike, Massage therapy and other alternative medicine practices

For more information on how you and your employees can get access to wonderful healthcare providers, click here. You will be so glad you did!

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