Finally, a way to bring healthcare benefits to your employees that’s affordable and easy. BarterCo Health is a new product for business owners to provide access to health care providers through an independent employee account. The healthcare companies available through BarterCo Health are part of the trade exchange network managed by The Barter Company.

There is no additional cost for The Barter Company clients to offer the BarterCo Health card beyond the existing cash and membership fees. The BarterCo Health card is preloaded with a set amount determined by the employer to use at participating healthcare providers within The Barter Company’s trade network. These providers include: doctors, chiropractors, dentists, counselors, weight loss centers, oral surgeons, orthodontists, eyecare, skincare, and fitness centers … just to name a few. For a complete list of healthcare providers, please login to see the provider directory or contact your trade coordinator.

*This is not an insurance product or policy offering or guarantee of health care coverage.

For more information, contact The Barter Company at (770) 591-4343 or email info@barterco.com.

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