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What should I know about BarterCo Health enrollments?

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How would my staff benefit from BarterCo Health?

I'm An Employee

How do I use BarterCo Health? What can I use it for?

Benefits are an essential part of keeping employees happy and wanting to stay with an employer. However, providing such benefits has become nearly impossible for the small to mid-sized business owner. Now, there is a solution. The Barter Company is offering a new product to its clients called BarterCo Health. The BarterCo Health card is purchased by business owners using barter dollars instead of cash. The card can then be offered to the company’s employees as a health benefit.

From allergy testing to yoga, The Barter Company’s BarterCo Health program offers a wide variety of health care options for business owners to offer their employees. Healthier employees mean a healthier business with fewer sick days and increased productivity as well as increased retention among employees.

For more information, contact The Barter Company at (770) 591-4343 or email info@barterco.com.

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